Delta College ENG241


Due Thursday August 31
Rosenberg – Read “Introduction” and “Preface”
Rosenberg – Read “Osiris, Isis, and Horus”
Answer Questions for “Osiris, Isis, and Horus” found on the Rosenberg page.

Tuesday September 5

Due Thursday September 7
Final of “Osiris, Isis, Horus” if rewritten
Draft Day: The Myth of My Creation

Due Tuesday September 12
Armstrong Chapter One Summary Assignment
Armstrong Media Assignment

Due Thursday September 14
Final of “The Myth of My Creation”
Final of Armstrong Chapter One Summary Assignment if rewritten
Rosenberg – Read “Enuma Elish”
Answer Questions for “Enuma Elish” found on the Rosenberg page.
Read Hell Hath No Fury online (Download and print here)

Due Tuesday September 19
Rosenberg – Read “Titans and Gods”
Answer Questions for “Titans and Gods” found on the Rosenberg page.

Due Thursday September 21
Watch a video and take notes to turn in at the end in-class. We’ll discuss the video Thursday.

Due Tuesday September 26
Read Armstrong Chapter Two Summary and Connection

Due Thursday September 28
Rosenberg – Read “The Creation” (p 595)
Answer Questions for “The Creation” found on the Rosenberg page.

Due Tuesday October 3
Rosenberg – Read “Ages of the World” (p 369)
Answer Questions for “Ages of the World” found on the Rosenberg page.

Due Thursday October 5
Print / Read / Annotate / Bring to class – Doyle’s Creation Myths.

Due Tuesday October 10
Read Armstrong Chapter Three Summary and Connection

Tuesday October 12

Due Tuesday October 17
HeroesAreUs Introduction to Hero Myths
Introduction to Monomyth Assignment

Due Thursday October 19
Finsh HeroesAreUs
Monomyth Rough Draft Due – Final copy due no later than Thursday February 28.

Due Tuesday October 24
Rosenberg – Read “The Labors and Death of Heracles”
Answer Questions for “The Labors and Death of Heracles” found on the Rosenberg page.
If you have any old magazines laying around that you’d be willing to bring in to cut up, please do so.

Due Thursday October 26
Rosenberg – Read “Maui Tames the Sun” and “Chi Li Slays the Serpent”
Answer Questions for “Maui Tames the Sun” and “Chi Li Slays the Serpent” found on the Rosenberg page.
Monomyth due.

Due Tuesday October 31
Joseph Campbell Video

Due Thursday November 2
Read Armstrong Chapter Four Summary and Connection

Due Tuesday November 7
Begin Lecture on India.
Rosenberg – Read “The Ramayana”
Select three questions of your choice to answer from the list following the story in Rosenberg.

Due Thursday November 9
Finish discussion of India Ramayana

Assignments after this date have yet to be determined. The schedule below is a draft proposal.

Due Tuesday November 14
Assign South East Asia research

Read the Ramayana.pdf below. There are 17 pages total – the first part is only three pages of a chapter, so it may seem like pages are missing. (“Assumptions and Goals of this Volume” is where you can stop reading, then go on to the remaining pages.)


Group meetings for Southeast Asia Research

Sample Student Paper for SE Asia Research

Du Thursday November 16
Group meetings for Southeast Asia Research

Due Tuesday November 21
South East Asia Presentations (3)
(There is NO make-up for missing this day. No foolin’.)

Thursday November 23

South East Asia Presentation (2)
(There is NO make-up for missing this day. No foolin’.)

Due Tuesday November 28
Read Armstrong Chapter Five Summary and Connection
Introduce Fertility myths

Due Thursday November 30 
Rosenberg – Read “Demeter and Persephone”
Rosenberg – Read “Amatarasu”
Write a comparison/contrast of these two myths analyzing the components which make them fertility myths. Rosenberg discusses some of these aspects in the introductions to the myths (grey-shaded pages), but you can also look at what you see is similar or different in the characters, plot, and setting. Since each can be considered a fertility myth, just recognizing patterns between them will help you to analyze and understand this genre.
Minimum 300 words / Point value: 10

Due Tuesday December 5
Read Armstrong Chapter Six Summary and Connection

Due Thursday December 7- MEET IN S131!
Read Rosenberg “The Origin of Life and Fire”

Due Tuesday December 12
Read Armstrong Chapter Seven and write summary of this final chapter. You may choose to select a specific element in this chapter and write a connection/response, or you may choose at this point, after writing your summary of Chapter 7, to write and overall connection to the book as a whole. This is not a “critique” of Armstrong’s work, but rather a way to show that you are able to see the relationship of the book to the class and the connections you may have made while reading it to mythology as we have been studying it in class.

Due Thursday December 14
I will reserve this day for individual conferences. If you have questions/concerns regarding your performance in the class or have any final assignments which you and I have agreed could be turned in on this day, I will be available by appointment. Please e-mail me or talk with me before or after class to schedule a specific time. Thank you!